Pierre Dorion - Sans titre (James Turrell) (description)

Photography precedes painting in the art of Pierre Dorion. While visiting museums and galleries on his frequent travels, he takes snapshots of whatever catches his eye as a motif for potential translation into paintings. But the resulting works rarely reveal where the pictures were taken, since the setting is not the artist’s primary motivation. The challenge he sets for himself is to closely approach reality without identifying a location, hence the use of generic titles like Sans titre [Untitled]. The parenthetical reference to James Turrell suggests that the subject is a fragment of one of the American artist’s works. Dorion’s art often alludes to Minimalism. His preferred motifs refer to geometric abstract and sometimes monochrome painting, and many are set in a deserted exhibition space. Sans titre (James Turrell) speaks of his varied interests: on the surface, representation rubs shoulders with abstraction, and painting with photography and architecture.
Marie-Eve Beaupré

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