Wanda Koop - Category 5 (No News) (description)

The motifs and places represented in Wanda Koop’s paintings are drawn from the real world, and the gestures involved in gathering, selecting and appropriating them are central to her approach. The paintings of the series No News use TV news visuals to address the same theme as Green Zone, a previous project based on military images from the war in Iraq. Category 5 is a response to a frenetically media-driven world in which, paradoxically, the more news items become accessible, the less time is devoted to each one. Dozens of news channels put out a constant stream of images 24 hours a day. Koop uses painting, as seen in this marine landscape, as a means of pausing the moment, giving currency to the viewer’s experience. The title, Category 5, refers to a hurricane’s level of intensity, turning a seemingly harmless seascape into a scene of impending natural disaster. In the lower left-hand corner, five squares of flat, bright colour recall the test pattern used to calibrate TV settings.
Marie-Eve Beaupré

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