Ehryn Torrell - Aspects of Voyeurism (description)

Ehryn Torrell came upon the inspiration for Aspects of Voyeurism in 2008 while wandering the Old Town of Shanghai, an area then undergoing major urban renewal. She was struck by the sight of a ramshackle building still bravely standing in the midst of demolition and gentrification. It was a vestige of a heritage doomed to disappear in the transformation of one of the world’s largest cities. Inspired by the neon and fluorescent light of nearby night markets, she photographed it with a view to an eventual painting. The depicted façade owes its painterly aspect to the collage-like architecture. It is a fine example of random composition, strong contrasts, arbitrary lines and colours. But, for the artist, the building goes beyond its fragile, marginal appearance to speak of the vulnerability and precariousness of the human condition.
Marie-Eve Beaupré

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