Passage 2: Michael Garvey tells Rory MacKay about Stopping Places

“Oh, at the farm we were capable of keeping…people there. We were able to stable, well, maybe ten team of horses… It was a day’s trip from Killaloe to our place you see…

There was always a lot of venison, because the game rules were not strictly observed, I don’t think… Oh, they grew oats and barley and everything that would be grown. Turnips and all kinds of vegetables and all. Potatoes. Potatoes, and the livestock, of course. We had some sheep, and we kept cattle…

But the house, it was big. You come in the front door, and on the left was a parlour and behind it was a bedroom. And all this side was one big room... with a big long table for to feed people and this end was cooking… Now the bar-room was in there, just off that room… There were several rooms upstairs… [with] one big room… for the overnighters.”

Rory MacKay, Michael Garvey
c. 1900
Ontario, CANADA
© 1977, Algonquin Park Museum Archives. All Rights Reserved.

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