The Fuel of the Future: Solution

Designers are working to bring hydrogen fuel to a gas station near you. Hydrogen energy solutions are leading the way to a future where there is enough energy for everyone – and where we don't have to wage wars or destroy the environment to produce it.

In Mississauga, Ontario, the Hydrogenics Corporation recently bought the Stuart Energy Company. They are now manufacturing the Stuart Energy Station (SES). The SES is a new type of gas station that will allow drivers to fill up their cars with hydrogen fuel at the pump and drive the way to a cleaner future.

Other hydrogen fueling systems provide a way to store hydrogen and a way to pump it into cars. The Stuart Energy Station (SES) is unique because it provides a way to store hydrogen and a way to pump it into cars – and also provides a way to produce it in the areas where hydrogen fuel is in demand.

Hydrogen fuel can be produced in two ways. It can either be extracted from fossil fuels such as natural gas, or it can be created through a revolutionary and eco-friendly method called water electrolysis. Water electrolysis works by pulling hydrogen from water using electricity. The electricity it uses comes from sustainable sources like solar panels or wind turbines.

The electricity is applied to the water to separate the hydrogen from the oxygen in the water molecule. The oxygen is then released and the hydrogen is compressed and stored in a fuel tank.

The hydrogen such as that produced by the SES can be used in devices that convert hydrogen into electricity. This could be either a fuel cell or an internal combustion engine like the one in your car. The best part of using hydrogen fuel is that instead of emitting smoky, toxic fumes, your car's exhaust pipe would emit only water.
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