The Fuel of the Future: Design Team

There is a large and interdisciplinary design team behind every Stuart Energy Station (SES).

The design team behind the SES is made up of many smaller sub-teams. The people on these sub-teams design, engineer, install, test, maintain and ensure the safety of each SES. Such a large and diverse team requires constant communication. The sub-teams have to keep in touch with one another at all times to ensure that all the parts of the station work together, and are safe and easy to use.

Hydrogen production is an emerging industry. This means that some of the technology that has been developed is still being tested and is used only in labs.

But fueling stations have to be used by the public, so the equipment has to be safe and easy to use. The designers of the SES are working with safety regulators to develop rules and standards that will ensure the filling stations are safe.

The design team is also working with other companies, and helping car manufacturers develop vehicles that run on hydrogen fuel. Currently, Toyota and Ford are testing hydrogen-powered vehicles and are using the SES to fuel them. Fuel companies like ChevronTexaco have also been testing the SES as a possible fueling station.

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