Protective Clothing of Seal Skin and Caribou Skin

"Combinations of seal, caribou, and other skins produce footwear that is suited for many different weather conditions."
Sally Qimmiuínaaq Webster, Baker Lake and Ottawa, 1995

Caribou Skin Clothing

Traditional styles of caribou skin clothing for women included hoods large enough to accommodate an infant.

Mary Battye, from Pangnirtung Northwest Territories, made these kamiks from caribou leg skins in 1987. Compare the dark soles of this pair of caribou skin kamiks to the white seal skin soles of the seal skin kamiks. Hair has been removed from the wind-bleached white soles, whereas the hair on the other pair has been shaved.

Seal Skin Clothing

The Inuit wear varying layers and weights of caribou or seal skin clothing and footwear in order to suit changes in climate from one season to another. Seal skin works well as protection in a summer climate of mostly wet snow, and could be effective throughout the year. Caribou-skin, a warmer and less waterproof material works well for the cold, dry, winter climate, with powder snow.

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