BIOTEKNICA is a fictional company with an interest in developments and advances in biotechnology. The project assumes the form of a parody, anticipating the role that biotechnology firms will play once genetic manipulation and DNA programming have been perfected. The collective makes scientific investigation its artistic medium and documents its entire research process. The material brought together here represents a study they undertook in 2004 on tissue culture. The research, conducted in conjunction with the SymbioticA laboratory, led the artists to take an interest in teratomas, which are frightening tumours produced by the human body. Considered to be examples of spontaneous cloning, they provide a model for scientists who are attempting to determine whether the knowledge derived from them could be used to clone organs for therapeutic purposes.

Thus the collective reproduces cloned or genetically modified specimens through photographic documentation or fictional 3D prototypes composed of pieces of meat. Various reflections on the fragility of the human body emerge, referring viewers back to a hot topic in today’s society.
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