BIOTEKNICA is an ongoing collaborative art/science project conducted by Shawn Bailey and Jennifer Willet. Postulating a future/present where biotechnological protocols produce designer organisms based on consumer demand, we have produced a variety of virtual and laboratory based artworks focusing on irrational and grotesque incarnations of the biotechnological body. Our work is modeled on the Teratoma, a cancerous growth containing multiple tissues like hair, skin, and vascular systems. Monstrous as this may seem, scientists today are interested in the Teratoma as an instance of spontaneous cloning, and a source of stem cells. BIOTEKNICA both embraces and critiques evolving biotechnologies, considering the deep contradictions and complexities that these technologies offer.

In 2004 we worked as Research Fellows at the SymbioticA Art and Science Collaborative Research Laboratories at The University of Western Australia, where we practiced tissue culture and tissue engineering protocols towards the production of artwork as pioneered by Oron Catts and Ionat Zurr, of the internationally recognized Tissue Culture & Art Project. In 2006 we returned to SymbioticA to complete our Teratological Prototypes in collaboration with TC&A (Catts, Zurr), and exhibited this work ’live’ for the first time at ZeroOne San Jose/ISEA 2006. Since then, we developed a new propositional performance work called BIOTEKNICA: LiveLifeLab, including a complex tissue culture laboratory installation at The FOFA Gallery, Concordia University, Quebec, Canada 2007.

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