When the Second World War began in 1939, the Eaton Beauties were again produced in Canada. The Reliable Toy Company in Toronto made an all-composition 18-inch [45.72-cm] doll wearing the Princess slip, socks, shoes, and a red ribbon declaring them Eaton Beauties. Extra clothing was also available for 95 cents. This doll was one of seventeen featured on four commemorative stamps of Canadian dolls issued in 1990.

Although it was possible to buy an Eaton Beauty in 1944 and 1945 from stocks on hand, Reliable had stopped making them in 1943 because the eyes were metal and there were restrictions on the use of metal due to the war. From 1946 to 1953, Eaton Beauty dolls were not available although the popular Little Angel and Baby Precious dolls were advertised in the catalogues.

The 1954 Winnipeg gift catalogue showed an Eaton Beauty doll. It was made by the Dee & Cee Toy Co. and was 18 inches [45.72 cm] tall with a vinyl head, rooted Saran hair, and rubber arms and legs. She wore a striped dress with a matching bonnet and a red ribbon and sold for $5.98. A similar doll was sold in the Winnipeg 1955-56 catalogue wearing a two-tone taffeta dress, a straw hat, and a red ribbon sewn into the waist seam of her dress.

The dolls with rubber arms and legs did not usually survive very long as the rubber deteriorated quickly. Dee an Cee provided a doll for the 1956 Toronto Christmas catalogue with a vinyl skin body stuffed with cotton and a vinyl head with rooted hair. She wore a rayon ninon dress and straw hat trimmed with flowers, again with the Eaton's Beauty ribbon sewn into her dress.

In 1957, the Eaton Beauty dolls came in eight inches [20.32 cm] as well as in 18 [45.72 cm] and 23 inches [58.42 cm], and were priced at $2.98, $5.98, and $7.98 respectively. The dolls were made by Dee & Cee but the eight-inch [20.32-cm] doll had no ribbon and was identified as an Eaton Beauty only on the box.
by Evelyn Robson Strahlendorf

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