O thornless rose of ineffable beauty, thou didst bud forth on the border
of paradise. For through thine unopened gate, the gate was opened and through thy sacred icon thou dost call the Canadian people to enter in, proclaiming thyself to be their protectress and defence against the enemy. Wherefore we cry unto thee: Rejoice joy of Canada.

Akathist Hymn for the Theotokos Joy of Canada, written by Archbishop Lazar Puhalo, All Saints of North America Monastery

Every year, the All Saints of North America Monastery, located in Dewdney, British Columbia, celebrates its feast day, The Theotokos, Joy of Canada. Theotokos, "birth-giver of God," is the title of the Virgin Mary. The celebration speaks to the faithful about the meaning and purpose of the birth of Jesus and calls them to identify with the Theotokos, giving birth to divine love in the world. In many ways, the monastery itself turns upon its head many conventional ideas about reclusive monks, cloistered in their cells, fiercely dedicated to their studies. The Joy of Canada is communal, festive, and focused on the human vocation, to enter into cosuffering love with all those human beings we meet in our life. The discipline of the monastic life has freedom as its goal: freedom from the passions of the ego so the God-given compassionate nature of each person may flourish in the world.
Canadian Heritage Information Network, The Provincial Museum of Alberta,

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