Simon Bilodeau - Le monde est un zombie (description)

In Simon Bilodeau’s practice, each image is created in close correlation to the way it is to be exhibited. With a careful eye to spatial layout, he methodically plans the hanging of his paintings and the staging of his sculptural installations. And often he has partitions, pedestals and other site-specific display devices built to measure. His paintings are done in the grey tones of the black and white he has used exclusively since 2004, and the sober palette heightens the symbolic force of the motifs. Subjects such as the exploitation of natural resources recur in his work, but when he highlights the obsolescence or paradoxical nature of certain ideologies, he does so without promoting a particular stance. The iconography of the paintings in the installation Le monde est un zombie is based on symbols of armed conflict. Various warplanes are reproduced with an illustrator’s precision, and signs of explosions contrast with the textures formed by the built-up layers of paint. With this work, which also includes a sculptural component, Bilodeau raises the far broader question of the future of post-industrial societies.
Marie-Eve Beaupré

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