Marie-Claude Bouthillier - Dans le ventre de la baleine (description)

Visiting Dans le ventre de la baleine is like entering an extraordinary world, a unique place in which the artist has hand-covered every iota of surface. Countless pieces of painted canvas blanket the walls and encase the content. The omnipresent fabric and its odour heighten the sense of being inside the physical matter of a painting. With this environment, Marie-Claude Bouthilier explores issues specific to the medium: the hypnotic grid motif underscores the perceptual properties of paint and highlights the tactile qualities of canvas. The room replicates the proportions of her studio. This detail points up the reference to art workplaces and invites viewers to consider the work in the perspective of art history and the reproduction of famous studios. The title refers to the notions of transformation and process inherent to any act of creation, reflecting on the properties of a space whose configuration evokes a place of gestation: the artist’s studio.
Marie-Eve Beaupré

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