Sarah Cale - Agitate (description)

Sarah Cale constructs her works one stroke at a time, paying special attention to the materiality of the paint in laying it on. She first applies the paint on a plastic surface, then peels it off once dry and transfers it to the final support. This three-step creative process creates a new dynamic between substance and form, as seen in Agitate, where the shapes produced by the brushstrokes appear to float above the picture plane. The two planes suddenly seem to converge, but not in the same pictorial space. Little by little the strokes arranged on the canvas reveal themselves in terms of form, colour and thickness, and the eye roams the multitude of elements fashioned one by one and imported into the work. Cale thus informs and engages the viewer’s gaze, inviting it to detect the disparity, to perceive the trompe l’oeil effect of collage.
Julie Bélisle

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