Arabella Campbell - A catalog of its own content (description)

After visiting the Chinati Foundation, in Marfa, Texas, Arabella Campbell conceived A catalog of its own content, which plays across the fields of painting, sculpture and photography. Loosely appropriating the geometry of Dan Flavin’s Untitled (Marfa Project), a monumental installation composed of coloured industrial fluorescent tubes, and drawing on her memory of the experience, she made fifteen paintings that reproduce the pattern created by the light emanating from Flavin’s work. The paintings are all similar yet not identical, as each is a copy of the previous one. In Campbell’s site-specific installation, the paintings lean against the wall, filling its entire length, and a framed black-and-white photocopy of the pages of a book reproducing the Flavin piece also leans, in its frame. In hanging the photocopy near the paintings, the artist contrasts her memory of the installation with the way light is documented by the camera.
Marie-Eve Beaupré

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