DaveandJenn - The Black and the Eye-Alone (description)

DaveandJenn build painted objects of great technical and iconographic complexity. Although their primary medium is painting, their process of accumulation is close to sculpture. Dozens of layers of resin are laid on and condensed into a single image. Each layer brings new elements, adding, overlaying and, necessarily, obliterating others. Nominally, the duo’s work is landscape painting, a quintessential Canadian genre, but their iconography draws on popular culture. The Black and the Eye-Alone pictures the artists at sunset in an imaginary world. Deep in the valley, oddly arranged large trees mingle with countless whimsical details, including a bicycle wheel and a few leftover party garlands. The black splotches scattered around the perimeter of the image are evident references to the history of painting and the drip technique. Linked by fine gold chains, they seem to portend the imminent liquefaction of the entire scene.
Marie-Eve Beaupré

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