Michael Dumontier & Neil Farber - Spider from Heaven (description)

The world portrayed by Michael Dumontier and Neil Farber is peopled with talking animals and stoic human beings. Figures of all sorts encounter bizarre situations there, personifying a realm that is clearly absurd but draws its fantasy from reality. The mostly small paintings are characterized by a style that verges on naive art in the rendering of the motifs and the graphics of the writing. The text is added at the end of the process and usually determines the picture’s meaning. It is through the text that the narrative of each work is revealed, that a snake biting its tail becomes a wedding ring, that a list of gluttonous meals tells us why a fox is feeling ill, and that the reason for the conversation between a carrot and a little black figure can be deduced. Humour is never far away in the art of Dumontier and Farber, who jointly decide on the combination of elements for each piece. After more than fifteen years of collaboration, the essence of their work lies in a dialogue developed over time and still going strong.
Julie Bélisle

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