Graham Gillmore - Untitled (Cinderella, 2nd Version) (description)

Graham Gillmore appropriates all sorts of phrases and fragments of text for his works, drawing on personal experience and elements of popular culture such as greeting cards, song lyrics, TV shows and government forms. Although the borrowed words constitute the core of the paintings, they take on altered meaning in the context of compositions that put the pictorial substance front and centre. In Untitled (Cinderella, 2nd Version), proximity to the outline images of Disney’s Cinderella makes the phrase “Mother I’m sorry I tricked you” ring with irony. The connection with the fairy tale character is immediately apparent, but it is the combination of glossy oil and glistening enamel paints that catches and holds the eye. Routered into the material against an abstract ground of vibrant, textured colour fields and assorted lines, the words shed their significance to become mere motifs.
Julie Bélisle

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