Cynthia Girard - Tous les oiseaux sont ici (description)

“I am a snake 

a bird 

a legless wanderer in colorful scales 

undulating my way through 

like a drunken paintbrush”
- Tous les oiseaux sont ici (poem), Cynthia Girard

Tous les oiseaux sont ici is a narrative installation about painting, in which Cynthia Girard addresses issues of representational space. The environment resembles a stage set where a surreal performance is taking place. To re-examine the traditional categories of art history, the artist reaches beyond the field of art and borrows from popular culture to create a unique combinations of paintings, sculptures, paper costumes and sound clips. Deftly calling conventions and hierarchies into question, she builds a singular space for reflection in an attempt to raise the discussion above the timeworn conflict between abstraction and figuration, between purely formal and narrative depiction. On opening nights for this installation, she dons a long paper snake costume and recites a poem in a performance that heightens the narrative aspect of the work. A door in the painterly set invites visitors into the installation space for an immersive experience aimed at understanding how to escape from it.
Marie-Eve Beaupré

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