Stéphane La Rue - Out of Shape No. 2 (description)

Stéphane La Rue favours a spare approach that emphasizes the materiality of paint in a practice that incorporates aspects of drawing and sculpture. Out of Shape No. 2 cannot be viewed solely as a painting, since it is both image and object. Its creative process is based on the properties of visual language. The materials, forms, outlines and surface lines, the colours of the unfinished wood and densely dark graphite powder, the textures, motifs and volumes – all these pictorial elements interact on an equal footing, with no hierarchy. And if the surface can be perceived in different ways, it is because this type of work, cut and shaped, has a volumetric space that alters understanding of the object. The artist’s aim is not to create an illusionist representation but to recognize a form of illusion in a formal approach. But beyond the possible perceptual effects, his focus is on the material and its plasticity, on the physical and concrete, sensitive and poetic constitution of the work.
Marie-Eve Beaupré

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