Wil Murray - NO CASH DEP. REQD. D/L ONLY (description)

Much of Wil Murray’s painting is sculptural and modular. His works abound with wildly diverse forms, textures and materials in compositions whose exuberance and excess have earned them the term “maximalist.” To construct his signature bright-coloured patches and surprising shapes, he assembles disparate elements picked from among the objects amassed in his studio over the years. The resulting works are three-dimensional collages, in which even the support becomes a component of the composition, created as much outside as inside the nominal frame. In the case of NO CASH DEP. REQD. D/L ONLY, the pictorial surface has been swept clean of its elements – a heap of paint skins, shreds of cloth, bits of paper and found images – which have landed just below, as if deserting the canvas to reveal an almost monochrome plane. Playing on oppositions, the artist highlights the compositional process in painting and deconstructs it here.
Julie Bélisle

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