Team Macho - A Fine Balance (description)

Team Macho’s art is irreverent, sometimes absurd, often parodic and always surprising. Drawing on popular iconography, the four members of the collective produce illustrations, paintings and collages whose fragmented storylines and incongruous juxtapositions are the result of subverting each other’s contributions. While some members work with traditional mediums, like oil and watercolour, others opt for drawing, airbrushing or collaging with commonplace materials. Making art as a group can mean striving for a single voice or signature, but Team Macho’s eclectic approach precludes any attempt at a unified style. One of the group’s strengths is the rejection of individual authorship. A cooperative yet highly competitive spirit prevails in the vast studio they share. Their working process – challenging each other’s ideas, swapping perspectives, pooling skills – feeds their drive to explore and experiment.
Marie-Eve Beaupré

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