Innovation in sport is crucial to the success of any athlete. Consider the running shoe. If you look at today’s state of the art Puma’s Faas 500 (worn by the Jamaican Olympic Track Team) which are made up of industrial glues, petrochemical substances, foamy insoles, durable and flexible rubber soles, it is much different than the running shoe of 200 years ago which were made of cloth and animal skin. The running shoe has significantly changed over time. The following competitors represent different eras of their respective sports. Perdita Felicien, Robina Higgins, Robert Rankine, Donovan Bailey, Kurt Browning, Gérard Côté, and Sidney Crosby

Performance Tasks

Choose one of the following:

1. Using the images from the Teacher’s Centre and other search engines, create an Animoto video of the innovation changes in one of the sports represented (athletics, figure skating, or ice hockey) of the above athletes. Please focus on one piece of equipment (i.e. running shoe, skate etc.) Please be advised that this task will require a full version of animoto which costs $5/month subscription. In addition, knowing how to use this software will be very useful before you begin the task.

2. Devise an innovation for a type of sports equipment. Students may create a radical innovation or incremental innovation for a piece of equipment for a particular sport. Please include the following sections.
  • Explain what type of innovation (radical or incremental), you are attempting.
  • Create a diagram with labels of your innovation
  • How would you market your product?
  • What type of materials would be required to make it?
  • How would the sport change because of your innovation?
Radical Innovation – a brand new product/process is created
Incremental Innovation – improves on an existing process/product (i.e.: adding a neck shield to a goalie mask)

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