Zeidler Partnership Architects Interview Part 2: Design Philosophy

The philosophy behind Zeidler Partnership Architects.

Qasim Virjee
Eb Zeidler, Rob Eley, Dalibor Vokac, Carolina Eyzaguirre, Elise Hodson
March 2006
CANADA Toronto Region, Ontario, Toronto Region, CANADA
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Their Design Philosophy "What we believe is that we don’t have a ‘mark’ in that we do curved buildings or round buildings or square buildings. We try to build what is needed and find out first what is the need of the building. What does the client look for and how does that fit into the environment? Because it’s not just the client but it’s the place where you build it. If you build in a city, you’re not just building for yourself but you’re building for the whole city so you have to respond to the needs of the city and that all has to be integrated and then formed to the building. There are times when the building has to be respecting the historic buildings and combined with them, or it has to be an integrated part of the street front, or it has to be a powerful building on its own."

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