Zeidler Partnership Architects Interview Part 1: Careers

Three partners speak about why they became architects.

Qasim Virjee
Eb Zeidler, Rob Eley, Dalibor Vokac, Carolina Eyzaguirre, Elise Hodson
March 2006
CANADA Toronto Region, Ontario, Toronto Region, CANADA
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Eberhard Zeidler, Rob Eley & Dalibor Vodac speak about why they became architects Zeidler: "I wanted to be an architect when I was 13 and still do. I studied in Germany and then practiced in Germany and then got an offer from a Canadian firm and then I came here in 1951. Then I developed this firm and it is still running." Eley: "Back in grade 9 a friend and I used to go to the school of architecture at U of T when they had their open houses and it struck me that it was a marvelous way to spend your time – building models and doing drawings and that kind of thing. We attended all of the open houses throughout high school. He didn’t, in the end, actually apply, but U of T architecture was the only thing I applied for coming out of high school and luckily I made it in. I’ve been working with Eb for 32 years now." Dalibor: "Not unlike Eb, I was located in Europe. I came from the Czech Republic and studied in Prague […]. I practiced in the Czech Republic for 15 years and then started working in Canada. So I have a unique view in terms of how the practice of Europe is set up and how it operates in North America. I think the appeal of the firm was that it’s the closest to the studio type of office where most of the offices at the time were purely business."

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