Zeidler Partnership Architects Interview Part 3: Location

Choosing the location for Mexico’s tallest building and designing it within the context of Mexico City’s most famous avenue.

Qasim Virjee
Eb Zeidler, Rob Eley, Dalibor Vokac, Carolina Eyzaguirre, Elise Hodson
March 2006
Mexico City, MEXICO
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Choosing the location for Mexico's tallest building and designing it within the context of Mexico City's most famous avenue. Eley: "They [devloper Reichmann International] wanted to build in Mexico City. They were actually interested in three projects, and this was one of them. But initially they studied about 5 or 6 different sites within the city near the boulevard that Eb [Zeidler] mentioned, seeking the one they felt answered their needs the best for this particular project. There were four or five people from the office involved originally producing alternative designs for each of the sites. When they reviewed those in the context of their analysis they decided to pursue this site and they decided to pursue one of the designs that had come out of our studies. The two of us [Eley, Dalibor] were primarily involved on a day to day basis working out the details for the design." Dalibor: "Again, at the beginning we were looking at two towers on each side of the street but that was a quite complex transaction of property ownership. We were attracted to that particular site and the site dictates the size of the building. There was a negotiation with the city - it's quite a political issue."

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