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L'influence des connaissances traditionnelles autochtones


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The Most Prevalent Plant Used

The most prevalent plant used was and continues to be Western Red Cedar, ts'uu (thuja plicata.) Cedar is the backbone of Haida manufacturing, providing the raw material for monumental poles, buildings, boxes, ceremonial headdresses, ocean-going canoes and hundreds of other objects carved from the wood. The bark is also used. Stripped from younger trees, the fine, inner bark is separated from the outer tough, fibrous layer. It is prepared and used for weaving a wide variety of matting, clothing and hats, baskets. Like plants used for food and medicine, plants such as cedar that provide valuable material are treated with respect. The spirit of the cedar is addressed and thanked when bark is being harvested or when a trunk is to be used for carving a pole or canoe. Today, tobacco is often offered when cedar boughs or bark are collected.
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