Based on different works selected for the exhibition, answer the question and record your observations on a sheet. You can then compare your notes with the answer.

1. Have the living and working conditions of artists improved since the 1960s?

2. The Group of Seven pioneered the first innovative Canadian art movement.

3. Which of these artists were part of the Automatiste movement?
a) Marcelle Ferron
b) Paul-Émile Borduas
c) Jean-Paul Riopelle
d) Jean-Paul Mousseau
e) All of the above

4. Which of these artists is not Canadian?
a) Françoise Sullivan
b) Betty Goodwin
c) Barnett Newman
d) Kent Monkman
e) Guido Molinari

5. Who was the first member of a First Nations people to be recognized as a professional artist?
a) Louis Riel
b) Emily Carr
c) Norval Morrisseau
d) Cornelius Krieghoff
e) Kent Monkman

6. Which subjects are most common in contemporary Canadian painting?
(Check as many answers as apply)
a) Landscapes
b) Canadian history scenes
c) Portraits
d) Abstract representation
e) Imagined scenes
f) All of the above

7. What is a monochrome painting?
a) A painting done in shades of different colours
b) A single painting
c) A painting done in a single colour
d) A unique work of art

8. What is trompe l’oeil?
a) An optical device used to see distant objects up close
b) A painting technique that plays with perspective to create the illusion of reality
c) An artist’s interpretation of the work of another artist
d) A small painted or engraved work executed in shades of a single colour

9. What is “push and pull”?
a) A colour theory that says some colours advance while others recede
b) A colour application technique
c) A compositional method based on adding and subtracting pictorial material

10. What is abstraction?
a) A form of transcendental spirituality
b) A colour application technique
c) A trend in painting to focus on form and colour instead of representing the visible world
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