Camper's Christmas at the Rouville Campground

The "Camper’s Christmas", which began in 1962 at the initiative of the proprietors of the Domaine de Rouville, located at Saint Jean Baptiste de Rouville in the Montérégie region, south of Montreal, is now widespread in Quebec. This enormous 35-year old campground and trailer park welcomes around 1,700 families who mostly live on the site during the summer season.

The objective of the Camper’s Christmas, which is held in the middle of the summer (around July 24), is to give families who live mainly in urban areas a chance to entertain friends and relations and celebrate a second Christmas. Some 15,000 to 16,000 people gather together here to participate in this extraordinary event. To give the celebration a more "authentic" character, campers decorate their trailers, cabins and plots of land with Christmas trees, strings of multicoloured lights and other appropriate decorations.

During the week before the parade, the campers busily work in teams to design and construct decorative allegorical floats. Teams vie with one another in ingenuity, originality and humour to produce the most beautiful float and to win the prize in the float contest.

The Camper’s Christmas begins on Saturday morning with preparations for the Santa Claus parade, which takes place in the afternoon. The parade involves about 15 allegorical floats in addition to clowns, mascots, sprites, majorettes, and of course, Santa Claus and the Snow Queen. After the parade, each family invites guests for a family supper (evening meal).
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