The uniqueness of Christ as the historical revealer, as the Word made flesh, and the mystery of Calvary [compel the affirmation that] God reveals himself in history, outside the Church as well as in it.

Archbishop Nathan Söderblom, Gifford Lectures, 1931

During his lifetime, Jesus' sphere of influence likely extended little beyond the boundaries of Galilee. Today, however, Jesus' impact is felt in every corner of the world. For centuries, Christian missionaries have fanned out across the globe. They have spread the Christian message to millions of people, established educational and literacy programs, healed the sick, and comforted the suffering. They have also been blamed for their participation in the colonial impulse that has, at times, brutalized the way of life of other cultures. But it is not solely, and perhaps not even primarily, as the inspiration for Christian missionaries that Jesus has become the Man Who Belongs to the World. It is through his ability to fascinate the human mind and inspire the human spirit that Jesus has transformed the spiritual landscape of our world. So we must return to the seeming paradox with which we began: the life and teachings of a Galilean peasant born 2000 years ago continues to inform and animate the spiritual impulses at work in the world today.
Canadian Heritage Information Network, The Provincial Museum of Alberta,

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