The Qur'anic Jesus of the Muslim World

People of the Book, do not go to unwarranted lengths in your religion and get involved in false utterances related to God. Truly Jesus, Mary's son, was the messenger of God and His word - the word which He imparted to Mary - and a spirit from Him. Believe, then, in God and His messengers and do not talk of three gods.

Sura 4:171, The Qur'an

In the sacred scripture of Islam, the Qur'an, Jesus is the subject of ninety verses. Sixty-four of these lead us into the nativity story. There is a gentle piety in these passages. They celebrate the "divine mercy in birth and vocation" and from them we glimpse the roots of the "deep veneration with which the role of Mary and the nativity of Jesus are held in Islam." The Qur'an stresses that Jesus had a specific mission to the Jewish people. He stands in a long line of prophets who have called the human community back to the worship of God. There is a sense in the Islamic understanding that only Muhammad (570-632) as the "seal of the prophets" has a universal place in the family of the faithful, for he "belongs to all times and all places."
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