McCord Museum of Canadian History, Montreal

Located right in the centre of Montreal, the McCord Museum provides a wonderful voyage through time. Are you ready? Then let’s go!

It is a wonderful spot to learn about Canadian history through archaeology, costumes, archives, old photographs, paintings and decorative arts. You can also admire Canada’s Aboriginal heritage.

A Vision for the Future

The McCord Museum of Canadian History invites the public to take a journey through time. Located in the province of Quebec in the heart of downtown Montreal, the McCord Museum provides an exhilarating museum experience, especially designed to develop the discovery and appreciation of history.

The museum’s founder, David Ross McCord, belonged to a well-known Irish family of merchants and lawyers who settled in Canada at the end of the 18th century. An enthusiastic supporter of the preservation of objects associated with Canada’s history, David Ross McCord searched the length and breadth of the country for various objects, which he selected for their beauty as well as for their historical significance. In 1919, he gave McGill University some 15,000 objects from his enormous collection with the aim of laying the foundation of a museum of Canadian history. In 1921, the McCord Museum opened its doors and fifty years later, the museum is lodged in the old McGill University Centre. The elegant McCord Museum building, the work of the well-known architect Percy Nobbs, reflects the influence of the English Arts and Crafts Movement.

In the interest of better serving its visitors, the Museum undertook an ambitious expansion and renovation project in 1989 with a view to integrating the old and the new in a dynamic way.

A Window on Canada’s History

The McCord Museum of Canadian History houses one of the most remarkable historical collections in North America. The museum’s holdings cover five main areas: ethnology and archaeology; costumes and textiles; the Notman document and photography archives; paintings, stamps and sketches; and decorative arts. They bring together more than 13,000 Aboriginal objects, 750,000 historical photographs and over 16,000 costumes and accessories. The ethnology and archaeology collection is the largest of its kind in Quebec and the costume section is an authority in this field in Canada.

The McCord Museum collection is the highpoint of exhibitions. Using ingenious display techniques, thematic exhibitions give objects the ability to speak and the power to evoke other eras and ways of life. The First Nations permanent collection is a captivating showcase for Aboriginal objects which highlights the wonderful heritage of Aboriginal cultures throughout Canada. Although the museum’s priority is the display of the various parts of its collection, travelling exhibits are an essential aspect of its permanent exhibition program.

The McCord Museum of Canadian History

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